Carpet Cleaning Oxford, MI

Carpet Cleaning Oxford take pride in bringing before you the best technological advancements to suit your carpet cleaning needs. We at Carpet Cleaning Oxford, MI understand the intricacies of carpet cleaning and strive to meet your standards in keeping your rich and luxurious carpets sparkling with pride!

Carpet Cleaning Oxford competent staff brings before you years of professional carpet cleaning experience and expertise in choosing the right cleaning method for your carpet.

We at Oxford Carpet Cleaning Use:

  • Dry Cleaning because your precious carpet needs to be free of moisture and damage due to excess water. As heavily soiled areas are manually taken care of, along with pre treatments, your carpet literally exudes a glossy shine that nothing can beat. We at Carpet Cleaning Oxford, MI remove all types of stain to make it look as good as new.
  • Encapsulation uses deep cleaning compound crystals to encapsulate the dirt before it is vacuum cleaned. A very safe and rapid method for cleaning, you'll be surprised at how fast your carpet is sparkling clean and ready for use.
  • Steam Carpet Cleaning has stood the test of time and we recommend steam cleaning your carpet every two years for thorough cleaning and maintenance. As you know that nothing can kill germs like hot water, your carpets are rendered 100% germ free and clean with this process. In steam cleaning, the carpet is preconditioned using an alkaline agent and agitated with a brush and left to crystallize. A wand rinses out all the residual particles along with the water leaving your carpet free of dirt and grime.

Why is it important to clean carpets?

Clean your carpet routinely to maintain it without damage and dirt. Choosing a professional carpet cleaning service like ours is of utmost importance as an amateur can damage your expensive piece.

With proper care and regular cleaning, your carpet will surely have a shelf life much more than what is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

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