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With Carpet Cleaning Romeo you get a carpet cleaning service that has been in business for decades and has the technical knowhow to take care of even the toughest stains.

Carpet Cleaning Romeo Services

Shampoo Clean - The oldest and time-tested carpet cleaning method! We at Carpet Cleaning Romeo use a buffer to spread the solution on to the carpet. The edges are given special care so as not to damage the carpet. Once the solution is dry, the vacuuming process removes all the dirt and dust caught in the solution

Dry Foam Clean - Foam carpet cleaning is essentially shampoo cleaning with a twist. In this rapid drying process, we use a brush to release the shampoo into the carpet. The solution is left for drying after which it is extracted out along with the soil and shampoo using an extraction machine or a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Foam carpet cleaning method removes dust mites and molds and keeps allergies at bay!

Absorbent Pad Clean - An absorbent bonnet that is dipped into the solution is attached to a rotary floor machine to work its way on the carpet surface. This method needs special care as it can damage cut-pile carpets. Results are there to see.

Steam Clean - This is the most efficient cleaning for your carpet. Very hot water is sprayed on to the carpet with a cleaning detergent. A portable tube extracts the water from the carpet and at the same time removes the dirt along with the water. The hot water, teamed with high pressure, cleans the carpet thoroughly. As the drying time is more, the carpet is vacuumed beforehand to remove surface dirt. With new advances in water extraction power, the drying time in steam cleaning has seen significant reduction.

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With such options, Carpet Cleaning Detroit ensure that the carpets get cleaned to be as good as new. Our expert team of carpet cleaners ensures that the most appropriate method gets used for your carpets and the costs stay within your budgets as well.

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