Novi Carpet Cleaning

If you have always felt like you have artistic talents that are just itching to come out, then while in Novi, go visit or display your art work at the Sugarloaf Art Fair - a marketplace for all artists and craftsmen to sell their work. Or perhaps you just like looking at art; thus you can view contemporary arts and crafts as well as folk art from many artists, all competing for space at this festival from around the country - so get in fast - but if you miss it in Novi, it is a traveling exhibition, you may be successful somewhere else. And when living and enjoying life in Novi, make use of Novi Carpet Cleaning - the expert company which will revitalize your home or office, restoring it and all its furnishings to their original glory. Get your oriental rugs taken care of, professionally and with caution; let your canopies be restored; your furnishings and upholstery get free of pet stains and hard to get rid of odor; whatever your cleaning needs, Detroit Carpet Cleaning will be there to answer them.

And then you might be ready for a bit of action. Leave your clean home for the Motorsports Museum & Hall of Fame where you will find a whole load of zooming objects, with 10 different motor sports categories, including air racing, snowmobiling, motorcycling, boating, trucking and various car racing areas. It sure is a lot of fun and excitement!

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