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Indoor pets are a wonderful addition to any family. But as any pet owner can tell you, indoor pets create many challenges with regard to keeping the home clean and healthy for its human inhabitants. Carpet Cleaning Warren specializes in home carpet cleaning and other residential cleaning services that help pet owners deal with this challenge.

Dust mites and dander

One of the biggest issues with indoor pets is pet dander - loose skin particles that are shed almost constantly. As dander is shed, it settles in carpets and upholstery. As people walk on the carpets and sit on the upholstered furniture, dander falls to the base of the carpet and settles in upholstery. Many people exhibit allergic reactions when they come in contact with dander. In addition, microscopic organisms called dust mites feed on this material. Regular sweeping, dusting and vacuuming helps keep dander at bay, but professional carpet steam cleaning and upholstery cleaning like Carpet Cleaning Warren on a regular basis (at least once a year) is recommended for dealing with this problem.

Pet Stain Removal - Warren Carpet Cleaning

One of the specialty of Warren Carpet Cleaning is pet stain removal. Even the most well trained, well behaved pet can have an accident. The most important thing to do when a pet accident happens is to clean it up as soon as possible. This you can do easily on your own, without help from Carpet Cleaning Warren. Gently remove any solid matter, taking care not to rub it into the carpet or upholstery surface, and blot any liquids with a clean white towel or white paper towels. Avoid the impulse to flush the area with water or cleaning solvent, as over wetting the area will just compound the problem. Often, a simple paste of baking soda and cleaning detergent can be applied to the area - once dry, simple vacuum and the stain should be gone. But if you detect lingering odors, or stains that don't respond to treatment, call in the professionals of Carpet Cleaning Warren.

We at Carpet Cleaning Warren specializes in steam cleaning carpets, area rugs, furniture, upholstery and other household surfaces. Call Carpet Cleaning Detroit at 313-887-5469 for a free estimate. Don't forget to ask for their pet owners' special.

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