Waterford Carpet Cleaning

As the rest of Southeast Michigan, Waterford has a continental climate. However, it is a little higher than Detroit, and therefore the tow is cooler than Detroit and other nearby cities. If you enjoy a bit of nightlife here and there, while in Waterford you should be sure to check out Kennedy's Irish Pub where a bit of Irish comes to life. More than just the Irish liquor and traditional Guinness (which you drink like the Irish, at room temperature), you can get some great food at this pub too. And you really do feel like you're in Ireland with the décor reminding one of Irish heritage and a spot of Waterford mixed in, due to its namesake's connection to the Old Sod. But when you come home after lunch, make sure you have a nice home to come back to. And that's easy enough thanks to the great service provided by Waterford Carpet Cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Waterford does not just take care of your carpets, but also flooring, windows, awnings, canopies, furniture, upholstery, air ducts and pretty much anything else you own. So make sure you do contact Detroit Carpet Cleaning - for a free, no obligations estimate - so that you and your family can enjoy at home as well as outside the cool city of Waterford.

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