West Bloomfield Carpet Cleaning

While living in West Bloomfield, try to take advantage of its services, such as the West Bloomfield Carpet Cleaning company which will come to your home, office or even event and thoroughly take care of all of your carpet cleaning needs and more, going way beyond your carpets. Carpet cleaning West Bloomfield uses state of the art technology and the best, most efficient and most environmentally products to ensure your home or office is cleaned to the highest quality. Call Carpet Cleaning Detroit at 313-887-5469 for more information.

And once you have enjoyed your home, why not go back to the Shenandoah Country Club for the afternoon and enjoy the Chaldean Community Cultural Center, which celebrates the Chaldeans' 100 year old history and their contribution to the world. You will find hands on and interactive exhibitions there and it is open to the public free of charge... Life just got even better!

If you're looking for a bit of rest and recreation while you are in West Bloomfield, then look no further than the Shenandoah Country Club, boasting a stunning lake, great golf course, cultural center and mixed grille restaurant. As well, patrons can book West Bloomfield's Shenandoah Country Club for banquets and other meetings for a spectacular evening or afternoon entertainment in a picturesque, tranquil setting.

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