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About Detroit Carpet Cleaning | rug CleaningThe Detroit Carpet Cleaning company is a serious company dedicated to providing its customers with all their cleaning needs. At Detroit Carpet Cleaning we are not just about carpets though - from carpets, to rugs; upholstery to furniture; wood floors to windows; awnings and canopies; air ducts to yards and estates; homes to industrial offices - we at Detroit Carpet Cleaning want to provide top care for all your needs. So no matter how big or small the job you have is, make your first call to the experts who care and who are the most thorough - Detroit Carpet Cleaning. Because we want to provide you with expert care and cleaning so that you can come home, kick off your shoes and enjoy your carpets, wood floors, furniture, etc. like you did the day you bought them.

About Detroit Carpet Cleaning | Curtain Cleaning So what is so different about Detroit Carpet Cleaning? Well, we believe in first class care from A to Z. We don't feel that there is any room for compromise when it comes to the cleaning of people's homes or offices. And whether you need us on a regular basis or for a one time cleaning, we want to see you smile as we leave you in your freshly cleaned property. So treat yourself to what you deserve - the best from Detroit Carpet Cleaning.

Our dispatch location address is: 77 E Forest Ave, Detroit, MI 48201

Call us now at 313-887-5469

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