Detroit Rug Cleaning

The cleaning of rugs is no easy task. It is certainly not as simple as the non-initiated think. When you first bought your rugs - no doubt the expensive, oriental kind that are real keepsakes - they probably looked fantastic. But, with the best will in the world, if they are not cared for by the experts once in a while, they will begin to look shabby and unkempt. Even though you no doubt spent a fortune of money on them, these things do not clean themselves. And that is why it is imperative to - at least once in a while - Detroit Rug Cleaningcall in the experts so that they can restore your beautiful, dear rugs to their former glory; see our carpet cleaning page for carpet services.

And why is it so important to make sure that you have experts cleaning your rugs? Because it is only the experts - like the trained, dedicated staff you will find at Detroit Rug Cleaning - who have spent the time researching what fabrics go in to the creation and manufacture of all different types of rugs and who thus realize what specific products need to be used for each rug. Even a hint of the wrong type of cleaning product on your expensive rugs could ruin them for life, and we at Detroit Rug Cleaning fully understand the importance of thus assessing each rug thoroughly before we set to work on it.

So at Detroit Rug Cleaning we use a special heated cleaning solution, followed by a deep cleaning using a powerful vacuum which will leave your rugs clean and smelling fresh once more. But in all cases, we make sure we are using the gentlest products on your rugs, when the need arises. We don't take any risks when it comes to your precious, expensive rugs or carpets. We also have a free pick up service in which we take your rugs to our plant where we clean them, and then return them to you - also free of charge - so that we don't cause you any inconvenience while we are working for you.

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