Detroit Wood Floor Cleaning

It is true that wood floors are meant to have a rustic look to them. But there's rustic and there's messy looking. And once your wood floors just look dirty and old, it is probably worth your while to call in the experts. And the best experts in the field are Detroit Wood Floor Cleaning. At Detroit Wood Floor Cleaning we specialize in thoroughly cleaning and refinishing your wood floors so that while they will look clean and good, at the same time, the rustic feel you so loved when you bought them will be maintained.

Detroit wood floor cleaningBecause we use only state of the art equipment (as well as top qualified, experienced and efficient staff to apply the equipment), all the wood floors we treat come out looking as good as they did in the day of purchase. Depending on the specific wood used in the floors and the state they are in, our methods include: sanding, applying filler, sealing, finishing, waxing and polishing, leaving your floors free of the stains that never helped the rustic look, but just made them look bad and your carpets dirty.

Our products and methods will rid your floors of all sorts of everyday stains, including: coffee, ink, tar, scuff marks, grease, etc., but while we do this, since our materials are only the top quality and environmentally friendly, we will not be simultaneously polluting your home while we do this. So if you want the best in wood floor cleaning, call Detroit Carpet Cleaning today for a free price estimate on what our company can do for you.

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