I've got an old rug that's been in storage for quite some time now; it's in pretty bad shape, what can be done?

Don't despair - rugs can be restored. If you have a very valuable oriental rug, you will no doubt be somewhat skeptical as to how to care for it - even if it looks in pretty bad shape - for fear of making it worse. Well, help is at hand. There are ways for you to restore your precious rug. There are a few dos and don'ts though. First, much as your instincts may tell you otherwise, do not attempt this restoration using any type of bleaching agent. Potential problems with this include: over-whitening, fiber damage; other damage to dyes. Instead, you should use reducing agents, as well as standard coffee stain removers and browning treatments, all easily available from your local store. You should either spray these agents or brush applied to the rug's fringes, then extract and dry, leaving the fringes much cleaner. If you have very bad stains on the rugs, other products such as red dye removal cleaning products can be sprayed on and vacuumed off with remarkable results.

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